Welcome to the website of the boat "Ådrott"!

Ådrott was built at Farsund Treskipsbyggeri and sold to Mons M. Toft and others in 1950. During the first years the boat was used for fishing herring, northern bluefin tuna and brisling off the coast of Western Norway and in the western norwegian fjords. Later it was used as a supporting boat for other fishing boats. It was also used for commodity freight, i.e. they collected brisling which was fished in the fjords and carried it to the many tinned food factories in the region. From the mid 1970s until approximately 1998 Ådrott operated as a freight ship between Bergen and Sogn og Fjordane.

The boat was located at Toft in Øygarden (outside of Bergen) from when it was new in 1950 until 1982. Then it was sold to Harald Fedøy from Værlandet, Sogn og Fjordane. From there it was sold in 1990 to Bernhard Skaar from Reksteren, Tysnes. In 2000 Ådrott was bought by John Hausberg from Forland, Sund at Sotra.

During the last 10 to 15 years the maintenance of the boat has been reprehensible, and the decay is noticeable. John Hausberg started the restoration work, but had to give up due to illness.

Today Ådrott is owned by Ådrott A/S. We are four people, all of us descendants of the original owners, who have bought Ådrott and want to try to take care of it.

The boat is now restored and located in Toft. If you are interested in going fishing with us, or just taking a beautiful trip through the archipelago of western Norway, please get in contact with one of us. CLICK HERE to see contact details.

This page was last updated in January 2012.